My philosophy has always been simple: Never stop trying to be the best at what you do, treat others EXACTLY as you would like to be treated, and live every moment as if your Father is watching.
From an early age I was fascinated by anything and everything that had wheels. From mountain bikes to motorcycles I was always tinkering with the components and trying to figure out how to make the machine as fast and efficient as possible. I take that same passion and use it in my work today with the repair and maintenance of my customers' cars. Too often in the auto repair industry customers are taken advantage of, intentionally or otherwise. My approach is honest and straight-forward. I feel it's very important that my customers know ALL their options, not just the ones that are profitable for the shop.

I know that my services are not for everyone, however, if you appreciate honesty, quality and attention to detail then I suggest stopping by to meet me... even if you don't have a car that needs service. In my time working on all types of vehicles I can't remember losing a single customer and that makes me extremely proud.