Why should I bring my vehicle to Turn 9 Automotive for service?
It's probably the #1 question that any discerning customer would ask themselves before bringing their car to someone new. Here are just a few reasons that will hopefully answer any and all questions that you may have, as well as make you stop and think before you bring your vehicle to ANY shop.

I am the only technician that will work on your vehicle. I have the credentials and experience that not only shows the ability to properly take care of a vehicle, but also shows attention to the smallest details that are simply missed in a high volume shop. The most reputable shops, including dealerships, have a wide array of technicians with various abilities, qualifications, and ethics. You cannot be sure which one of those technicians will be servicing your vehicle. I've always felt that the best technicians are those willing to go the extra mile whenever necessary. For me that includes taking the time to listen to the customer and to learn as much as possible about the vehicle’s history. I answer only to my customers (and the co-owner, who also happens to be my wife.)

Today's vehicles are very complex and even things that were simple a few years ago can be much more difficult these days. It's important that you know this one thing "NOT ALL SHOPS ARE CREATED EQUALLY." If you hear something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I am on a continual search to acquire more knowledge and I believe that anyone that tells you they know EVERYTHING is actually admitting they know nothing. Having said that, I do have 20 years of experience... not just with cars, trucks and sportbikes, but also with their components on an individual level. This additional knowledge enables insight to things other shops are simply unaware of. I have also put together equipment on par with factory shops, including diagnostic software that is second to none. Before you take your vehicle to any shop, get to know the person that works on it, their capabilities, limitations and equipment.

I care about what I do. I've been called a perfectionist and obsessive-compulsive in respect to the way that I work on vehicles... And I'm always happy to hear it. I take a great deal of pride in my work and I want my customers to feel the same way about their vehicles.

I'm always amazed at how many customers don't realize that they can have their vehicles serviced by a quality, factory trained master technician for about the same price as a shop that hires technicians with little ability, certification or tools. While I will match ANY written estimate on a Toyota, Mitsubishi or Lexus written by a licensed repair shop, I often find that our price is already lower. I use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and many times will still be under other estimates. The reason is the "middle man". Large shops, and especially dealerships, have an enormous management and customer service staff payroll that gets rolled into your bill every time you bring your vehicle to them.

Have you ever seen a coupon for a $19.99 oil change only to show up at the cashier and be handed a bill for nearly $30? I feel that it is a very deceptive practice that is all too common in the car repair industry. Is it true that every shop has to pay disposal and environmental fees? Yes. Is equally true that cost could be tacked on to the advertised price instead of an asterisk that says "plus this, that and the other?" Absolutely. We don't charge for shop supplies or any fees except those MANDATED by the state and in that case the amount will still be included in the advertised price. I don't like being sold a bill of goods and I don't believe my customers do either. Beware of the "quick brake" and "quick oil change" places and their games. Do you really trust any 4 wheel brake job that costs under a hundred bucks? OEM brake pads alone cost more than that for 4 wheels. I have had truly countless customers who have brought their vehicles in with a "normal" brake noise (as described by the "quicky" brake shop). In every case the cure for the incurable has been to install OEM pads and service the rotors, sliders and pins as they should have been initially.

Moreover, the effect it has on how you look at your vehicle and its place in your budget. The current economic climate has had drastic effects on the ability to buy a new car should your current one leave you stranded. Your mode of transportation is critical to all aspects of your life and it's important to keep it running at its best. The best way to ensure your car is properly taken care of is to have the SAME master technician work on it every time it needs service or repairs. No vehicle will run forever, but a well maintained one will often shock you with how long it lasts. You will know the EXACT state of your vehicle's health EVERY time I service or repair it... good or bad. This strategy allows you to prepare for maintenance and repairs before they happen or to avoid them all together.

Finally, one question: If you could pick one of your vehicle's manufacturer's best technicians, with all the necessary tools, equipment and parts, and have him be the only technician that services your car whether it be a simple oil change or an engine rebuild, pay less and be confident that you would always be treated honestly.... Why wouldn't you?
My vehicle is new (or almost new) and still under warranty, don't I HAVE to bring it to the dealer to keep my warranty?
No. You do need to follow your vehicle manufacturer's guidelines for service, however, any trained technician can service your vehicle. Having your required maintenance performed by Turn 9 Automotive will keep your warranty intact. In fact, read the next question to see the benefits you can't receive at the dealership.
My vehicle is under warranty so most repairs will be covered free of charge... doesn't it make sense to go to the dealership for service because they will find any issues and correct them without me having to go to two different shops?
The simple answer is yes. The problem is a dirty little secret that the factory doesn't want you to know. If you have something about to break or broken on your vehicle that doesn't create a symptom that you are aware of, 90% of the time it is allowed to continue until your warranty expires. This means the repair that could have been performed for free may now cost you hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars. Factory trained master technicians are all aware of these typical failures and are routinely told to ignore them to save money for the manufacturer. So how can you avoid this situation? You can have your vehicle serviced by me. I am not bound nor associated with any manufacturer anymore, therefore if I recognize an issue with your vehicle I can give you an inspection sheet that you can take to the dealership and have the repair performed under your manufacturer's warranty. It is very important to not only have a highly qualified technician service your vehicle, but also an UNBIASED one.
I understand that you will keep my vehicle's warranty intact, but I received a coupon or voucher book when I purchased my vehicle... do you honor those?
Yes. We honor any vehicle maintenance plan coupons / vouchers that accept non-oem shops, which is most. Call us and we will gladly verify if yours is one.
There are so many choices for vehicle maintenance and repair these days, how do I know I can trust Turn 9 Automotive?
Make an appointment to come in for a visit... you don't even have to bring your vehicle in for service. I am perfectly happy answering your questions and showing you what we can do for you. I can also give you an estimate on common vehicle maintenance... or just get to know you. The main reason to chose us is the quality of our work, but that is closely followed by the fact we are a small business. We don't intend to expand, take over the market or become millionaires, we simply want a family business and the customers who appreciate that fact.

I hope to see you soon!
Larry Dodson
Owner, Turn 9 Automotive
Certified Toyota*, Mitsubishi*, ASE Master Technician
* I am no longer employed nor affiliated with any manufacturer(s). Any statements on this page are of my opinion and do not represent and official stance by any manufacturer(s)